Clearing Generational Blocks, Patterns and Issues

Many of us love to see how we share traits within our family.

The family’s shared green eyes, perhaps the trademark curls, the same mannerisms and personality traits can help us to have a deeper sense of belonging and connection to those we love.   

What happens when the shared traits, behaviours and physical sameness are problematic and have a negative impact?   

Uncle Harry’s heart condition, Grandma’s eyesight issues, the extra weight everyone on Mom’s side carries, financial ‘back luck’ in the family, the choices we make in relationships, even depression, anxiety and addictive behaviours are examples of shared traits and patterns that can create great difficulty.   Sometimes these negative traits travel far back through the generations.    These negative traits that stretch back on the family tree can have serious impacts in your life and in your ability to build a positive and hopeful future.  

If you are struggling with something that goes back on your family tree, try taking it back to your ancestors.

Similar to a past life regression where we use hypnosis to travel back in time, we are able to connect and work on ancestral issues, clearing and healing through the generations to affect change across the entire family tree.   There is no limit to the positive learning and change this type of work can create for you and for those connected to your ancestors.

Are you ready to meet the relatives?

A session to clear and heal across the generations is on average a three-hour session where we pinpoint the MOST important area that holds you back, trace back the origin and then under hypnosis, work with your ancestors to develop understanding and affect change and healing.  

For more information on finding, clearing and healing generational blocks, patterns and issues, get in touch for a free consultation. Your relatives are calling!