Have you ever wondered who you really are, and why you are here?

At some point most of us will think about these questions.  If you are already asking and think ‘there must be more!’, I can tell you – you are so right – there is!  

Working with past lives allows us to connect to pieces of our soul’s history to heal, to learn and to get a sense of being more than what we experience here in our current body.   We can go a step further – into the space between lives  – which offers rich and empowering information, wisdom, guidance, community and connection to our own divinity

When you were young, did you love to hear stories about yourself?

All about where you came from, who your friends were and all the funny and heartwarming things that happened that connected you to family, community and the world. Who didn’t? My family loves to re-visit these stories to hear all about THEM and get a sense of how they fit.  

Spiritual regression and exploring the ‘between lives’ state give us an opportunity to do this on a much bigger scale.

Imagine knowing your soul family, your soul mates, your full community of divine support.   It takes community support to a whole new level!  

When I work in the Life Between Lives space accessed through spiritual regression, without fail my clients return to the present moment with a complete sense of awe and wonder at the experiences and answers to their questions.  All of which supports a much deeper level of understanding self.  

It’s the ultimate journey, both transformative and inspirational

If you are asking ‘Who am I?’ and want to understand more about yourself, the people you love and experience the world with, check out my spiritual regression therapy page https://elementalbalance.ca/spiritual-regression-therapy and contact me to discuss how you might be a great fit for this work.

Your spirit community is waiting!