Will you pick up? 

This month’s Past Life Explorers was an experiential one for our listeners! On this show I take you on a 40 minute personal past life regression journey to connect to your past where you can experience a piece of your soul’s history.    

When I work with clients in a therapeutic setting, we visit past lives to find the source of issues, phobias, fears, limiting beliefs, behaviours and we work through them to release and heal.   But that’s not all!

Within our past we have a wealth of positive resources waiting for us too. 

Connecting with a positive resource, such as love, strength, compassion or courage, allows us to re-awaken and strengthen these states in ourselves now.   

During this on-air regression, I take you to visit three events, identify people you may know who are with you in this life, visit how you transitioned at the end of this life, gather lessons, learning and integrate new and positive resources for THIS lifetime.    Very powerful stuff!

A great call to take, right?

Speaking of calls, be sure to listen to our caller after the regression who shares her experience of finding positive resources and reconnecting with her own empowerment.   

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As a reminder, please do not listen to this this while you are driving or doing anything that requires your full focus and concentration.

If you have questions about this show or about past life regression, drop me an email. I am happy to answer your questions personally or on an upcoming Past Life Explorers show.

Thanks for listening and keep exploring!