This past week, Nicole Whitney and I met over ZOOM (online) and together we went on a two and half hour past life regression journey.  It was an amazing trip through time!  Nicole’s self-discovery came through experiencing two very different lifetimes, one as a male and one as a female.

During the regression, we uncovered and removed emotional blocks, a contract blocking flow in this lifetime, explored relationships and reviewed the purpose of both lives and at least a dozen learnings.  Nicole came to understand the messages and learning in relation to this lifetime, her innate strengths and where she can make changes to improve her current life.  Another important aspect of the regression was to clear karmic relationships – closing off the unfinished energies with several past life characters that she recognized as people in her current life.

Nicole was an easy hypnotic subject as she had a willingness to use her imagination, which is the creative mind.  The creative mind’s visionary capacity is the language of the right brain and the gateway to the soul.  

Click below to go to the archive of the Past Life Explorers show where we talk about the experience and share a full 53 minutes of the lifetime Nicole experienced as a male in Scotland who met an untimely death.  

If you have questions about this show or general questions about past life regression, drop me an email.   I will be answering your questions on the next Past Life Explorers show in August.

Keep exploring!