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Move through time with past life regression therapy to connect to the greater aspect of you for insights, inspiration, deep healing and lasting change.

In many cases issues happening now have roots that extend into other lifetimes.  Past life regression therapy moves you through time with your unconscious mind leading the way to uncover critical information and rapidly release emotional blocks, trauma, limiting beliefs, stress blocks and physical symptoms. 

Gain deeper understanding of your relationships using past life regression therapy and enhance your connections with self and others.

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Past Life Regression Therapy

How Does It Work?

Past life regression therapy uses hypnosis techniques to view the cycles and patterns of behaviour across lifetimes.  This provides deeper understanding and greater perspective on our fears, phobias, choices, habits, struggles, blocks, hopes and dreams.   Hypnosis allows us to access states of self beyond the here and now for objective observation, to clear deep traumas of the past and re-align our responses in ways that are healthy.    We can access information, shape our perceptions and responses and gain wisdom about our choices, character, self and our purpose in this lifetime.

Many wonder, is it real?

As past life regression therapy becomes increasingly more mainstream as a therapeutic healing tool, there are more and more cases in which facts have been researched, validated and published to prove the legitimacy of the individual experiences.   Whether it is a real experience or a creative means for the unconscious mind to guide healing, the results are profound and often dramatic.   Clients come away with a renewed sense of purpose, a connectedness to life, to self and with energy, traumas and deep blocks cleared.   Belief in reincarnation is not required, just a curious, open mind and the intent to receive the answers you are looking for.  

Who leads?

Using a client centered approach, your unconscious mind leads the way which means YOU lead your past life regression journey.  Throughout your past life regression experiences you have complete awareness and control of every aspect of the process.   It’s as though you are in a beautiful and relaxed guided dream state where you remember everything.   Your unconscious mind is a powerful ally and holds the keys to release and open you to your true self to live as you were meant to live — with health, vibrance, love and joy.

How Will You Support Yourself Today?

Niki Hughes

Always fascinated with reincarnation, Niki Hughes just knew deep inside there was so much more to each of us than we were seeing. Naturally curious and a life-long learner, Niki carried this interest and feeling with her and throughout her life has continued to explore natural healing, the role of the mind in healing and all things metaphysical.

As an explorer eager to learn, Niki Hughes trained in five elements acupressure, reiki and sound healing. She clearly saw the powerful impacts these healing forms had on her friends, family and clients and she began to explore the mind as a healing and change tool.  Niki also began to teach energy healing.

Reaching back into her own past and being true to her roots, Niki became a certified hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist which today is her passion and first love.  A core value of Niki’s is positivity which is fundamental in all of her work.  Helping people find the positive resources inside themselves is her biggest joy.  Past life regression therapy and hypnotherapy provides a means for rapid personal change and re-alignment, and Niki is passionate about the positive, inspiring and lasting changes her clients are able to make.

Niki believes we are our own strongest healers and that the guidance, wisdom and answers we need are found through our connection to self – the larger or higher self – which is the true you.  Niki combines healing techniques in ways that are unique, personal and client-centered to affect deep understanding and rapid transformational change.

Niki Hughes provides one on one sessions, training, workshops, and weekend retreats for those who are interested in learning to create positive and lasting life change through past life regression, hypnosis, mindful hypnosis coaching, reiki, meditation, and energy work.

“I believe that all of the answers you seek are deep within you.  I help people make that deep connection where they can find the inner spark that re-ignites their lives”

Niki Hughes

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